August 12, 2014

Ways to use up unwanted foundation

If you check your makeup drawers right now I'm sure you're bound to find a few foundation bottles that got lost in there because for some reason you didn't like them enough to use them up. It happens to the best of us. Some foundations get so much hype that you can't help but to buy it and try it out and it ends up not working out for you and gets dumped in a drawer only to be found years later and dumped in the trash this time. Whatever the reason may be keep reading to find out my top reasons for foundations not working out and how to salvage them until you're able to use them up instead of throwing money in the trash.

Foundation that's too light
I currently don't own any foundation that is too light for me but this one is the easiest to fix.
  • If it's a powder use it to set your under eye concealer.
  • If it's a liquid use it to highlight under your eyes since you would normally put a concealer that is lighter than your skin tone under your eyes anyway this works perfectly for that if you don't have any major flaws that need heavy duty concealing. 
  • Use bronzer to bronze up the skin so it doesn't look as light.

Foundation that's too dark
foundation that's too dark
  • Depending on how much darker it is than your skin tone, you can use to contour or as a matte bronzer.
  • Make your own tinted moisturizer out of it. This one is my favorite way to use up dark foundation because you can control the consistency. I usually put a little bit of foundation and a lot of the moisturizer because I don't like too much coverage on a daily basis.                                                   * You can also add in sunscreen for added protection or you can substitute the moisturizer for sunscreen instead. 
 Foundation that's too pink or not yellow enough ( for warmer undertones)

  • Use a tiny bit of turmeric powder to warm up the color so it's not pink anymore. The tiniest bit of turmeric powder should do so add a little at a time onto your hand or a mixing tray instead of putting it into the whole bottle. If you end up putting too much into the whole bottle there's not much you can do because it will turn extremely yellow and an unnatural color.                                                  *Turmeric powder can stain skin and other surfaces so be careful with it.
I hope this helps you find ways to use up all of your unwanted foundations.
* Please note these tips will not work if you don't like the foundation in the first place. These tips are meant as an attempt to color correct the foundation or find other uses for it. If you don't like the formula I suggest returning or exchanging if you're able to.

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  1. I tried the turmeric trick and it works wonders, thanks for the tip :)