January 19, 2015

DIY | My Hair Transformation

At Home Cut, Color, & Hair Treatment

It's been way too long but I'm back with a blog post that I'm so excited to share. As you can see in my before picture above, I've really been neglecting my hair for the past year or so. I can't even tell you what color that is and don't even get me started on the damage I've done to it. It's an absolute mess and anyone that knows me knows that I never really wore my hair down. It's always in a braid or a bun because I didn't want anyone to notice how dry and coarse it was.

I was just browsing Youtube one night and I came across Silvia's (ellebangs on Youtube) video on how to cut your own hair. Of course I wasn't about to get up and attempt to cut my own hair in the middle of the night so I just continued browsing her videos and she made everything seem so easy to do at home, I decided it was time to start getting my hair back to its healthy state.

This is just my own personal hair transformation. I don't know much about hair I'm just sharing with you what worked for me and what products I personally used to get my hair to the way it is now. Please try at your own risk. Silvia is a professional hair stylist so definitely go check out her videos for anything hair related. 


I used Silvia's video to just cut the damaged parts of my hair. I didn't want anything drastic. I've linked her video below.


To color my hair I used Revlon box dye in the shade natural blue black  . I know professionals warn people against using box dye on their hair but this is the way I've always colored my hair and it's what works for me. I've used different brands in the past but I always come back to this Revlon dye because I feel like it's really gentle on my hair and there's no unnecessary damage.

I used 3 boxes to dye my hair. The first time I used 2 boxes and followed the directions and washed it out. That's what you see in the "After" picture above.

After that I waited a day and colored the hair again with the 3rd box to make sure I got all the hair because sometimes with the first process I miss certain ares of my hair.

In the "One week later" picture above is what the color looks like today. Its black with hints of blue in it. It's super soft and much healthier compared to before.


This hair treatment was so simple and the most effective one I've ever done to my hair. I used this on my hair after I cut it but before I colored it. I've linked to Silvia's video down below so you can check out exactly what she uses and what she recommends. The TREsemme mud masque is just what I had at home and it worked great for my hair.

The process involved washing my hair out with Dawn dish soap and a lemon and using my TREsemme mud masque after. So simple with such amazing results. 

Ellbangs - Secret to Soft Hair (Chelate)