August 15, 2015

Cheaper alternative to liquid lipstick?

Liquid Lipsticks have been all the rage lately. Every company has come out with their own version of liquid lipsticks, some high end and some low end.

Although these Luxy Lips by Profusion aren't exactly labeled as a liquid lipstick, I consider them a cheaper more comfortable alternative to liquid lipstick. Upon first glance these look like lip glosses but once I applied them to my lips they dried down to a mostly matte finish but not at all drying on my lips.

There are no shade names on these so I made sure to swatch them in the order they are laid out in every photo. They are very pigmented, similar to a lip paint but dry down mostly matte or completely matte depending on how much product you apply. I apply very little on my lips because of the intense pigmentation I feel like a little bit is all I need so for me they dry completely matte.

These Profusion Luxy Lips cost $1.00 at Walgreens. If you happen to find these at your Walgreens I suggest picking up whichever colors you can find because I am absolutely loving these right now.

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